New Edition of Leviathan

Next month (June 2015) my edition of Hobbes’s Leviathan is due to the publisher (Hackett). It is a “translation” of Hobbes from English into English. No kidding. Carlin Romano noted in a recent post in the NYT that there’s no better way to lose students’ interest in classic works than, for example, to present them with “gobs of Hobbes.” I get that even though I personally enjoy reading what he wrote with the long, drawn out sentences. Some of them go for lines and lines on the page (or two) in which they appear.

The contract for writing the book includes updating and making the language more contemporary without losing the meaning of the work and without watering it down. It also includes the addition of notes and commentary on some concepts as they are introduced or at places in which it would be useful to readers to have explanatory notes. It also includes a fairly extensive introduction, putting Hobbes in his own context and considering developments in the history of philosophy that are related to his work in Leviathan.

I’m almost done with it. At the moment, it is 387 pages long.


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