About This Site and Its Author

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I am a Professor of philosophy and Assistant Dean in the College of Arts and Humanities at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. I have been teaching since 1981, starting out as a graduate student at the University of South Florida in Tampa. My degrees (B.A. (1981), M.A. (1983), and Ph.D (1995)) are all earned from the University of South Florida in Tampa. I am the first woman to be granted the Ph.D. from that program, and the third graduate of it overall. The first class I taught in 1981 was “Introduction to Logic,” a course in deductive reasoning, and at 20 years old at the time, it was quite a challenge to be the instructor of record and have full responsibility for the organization, content, and administration of that class. But after the first time teaching, teaching became one of my passions. Over the past 34 years, I have taught a wide variety of courses, including social philosophy, political philosophy, modern western philosophy, introduction to philosophy, philosophical reasoning, theoretical and applied ethics, ethical theory, ethical issues of the 21st century, philosophy in the news, freedom and justice, philosophy practicum, American philosophy, and advanced ethics in science and technology. There are probably more, but that’s a good enough list for now.

My publications and research interests tend toward ethics and social philosophy, broadly construed. Within this broad heading are my publications on Thomas Hobbes, American philosophy, academic ethics/integrity, the ethics of friendship, supererogatory actions, theory and pedagogical methods, and the concept of forgiveness.

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